A neurological diagnosis is stressful and we're here to provide an affordable lodging option to hopefully reduce your stress during a difficult time.

The Neuro Hospitality House is delighted to be hosting guests at Inns at Centerstone. This partnership includes all hotel amenities, along with an affordable rate for neuro patients and caregivers while visiting the Mayo Clinic. 

Neuro guests are able to select their preferred room type. Room and room preferences are determined upon availability and confirmed after the neuro guest makes a reservation. A credit card is required at check-in, however, any form of payment is accepted upon check-out (credit card, debit card, etc.).

Inns at Centerstone is located within walking distance of the Mayo Clinic, parks, dining, grocery and shopping. The location is convenient and offers robust services and amenities for those visiting Rochester.



To request a room, please follow these instructions to apply for our lodging program. Requests must be submitted online.

  1. Make a reservation at Inns at Centerstone by calling 1-877-887-7776 or reserve online. Secure a confirmation number.

  2. Complete the Request Form and include your Centerstone confirmation number. Submit for consideration.

  3. If your request is accepted, the Neuro Hospitality House will pay for the first night (room only) of your stay.  Following that first night, you will be responsible for all expenses incurred.  The daily rate ranges from $72 - $97 per night plus tax, depending upon the room type you have selected.

  4. You will hear within five business days if your request has been accepted.

  5. Please contact Centerstone for any changes to your reservation. 

    Thank you for your interest in the Neuro Hospitality House. We look forward to serving neuro patients and their caregivers visiting the Mayo Clinic.


“I find this (location change) very exciting! I am very fine with the new arrangement and thank you for figuring out a way for us
to have this affordable arrangement.
Thank you so much.”    
- Ilona, Gardiner, Montana

“I am forever grateful to your organization for this letter to reduce hotel funds. I look forward to receiving the best care at Mayo.”  
- Rose, Casper, Wyoming

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